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T-Mobile Variant Of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Up For Grabs At $250 Discount Plus Free MicroSD Card

Samsung fans have something to rejoice about. The company is offering a discount on its Galaxy S7 edge smartphone for a limited period.

The OEM has discounted the T-Mobile variant of the smartphone by $250, hinting that the launch of the next-gen Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus may have something to do with this sale.

The latest deal from Samsung is available for the 32 GB variant of the handset and the unlocked variant of the device can be snagged in multiple hues for $429.99.

What Is Samsung Offering?

The company is running a flash sale on its U.S. online store. Customers are getting the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at a very low price of $429.99, therefore saving $250 on the cost of the phone. The handset originally costs $679.99.

The T-Mobile going up for sale will delight shoppers as this deal is quite a steal. A bonus offer on the deal is that customers who purchase the phone during the sale period will be getting a 128 GB microSD card free of cost.

The handset is available in multiple colors.

Are Any Other Variants Of Galaxy S7 edge On Sale?

The T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is not the only one up for sale as Samsung has also discounted the Sprint model. This option will now come for $444.99, which is also a savings of $250. You also get a 128 GB microSD card free.

The AT&T and Verizon variants of the Galaxy S7 edge are also on sale, but you will save only $100 by comparison. These are also available in multiple colors and entitle the consumer to a free 128 GB microSD card.

Is The Galaxy S7 On Sale?

Yes you’re in luck as the unlocked model of the Galaxy S7 is also on sale now. Samsung has shaved off $250 on the T-Mobile variant of the handset. You can now avail this version for $323.99 in two color options – Black Onyx and Gold Platinum

The Verizon variant of the Galaxy S7 is also discounted by $100 and can be yours for $572. This is up for grabs in two colors as well.

Why The Sale?

The Galaxy S8 is slated to launch on March 29 and will officially hit the shelves on April 28 per rumors. Therefore, Samsung may be looking to clear out its inventory and getting rid of as many previous-gen smartphone prior to the launch of the next-gen models.

It is not known till when the Samsung sale will last. That said, the deals are a great bargain for potential buyers and serves as an ideal opportunity for one to upgrade to a premium smartphone, without burning a hole in their pocket.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge can also be purchased at Amazon.


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