Samsung’s new Gear VR headset with motion controller launches April 21 | #GalaxyS8 | Galaxy S8 Plus

The New Samsung Gear VR Headset and Motion Controller set for release on April 21st

At the Unpacked event which took place on the 29th March 2017, the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched and with it more information on some other Samsung devices including the new Gear VR headset and motion controller.

First unveiled at MWC in February, the new updated Gear VR (powered by Virtual Reality front runner Oculus) is noteworthy, being that it is the first version to come bundled with a standalone motion controller. The wireless controller features an  gyro-meter, accelerometer and magnetic sensors and includes a touch-pad, trigger and integrated home button.

There is expected to be around twenty titles at launch, which support the new controller although that number will rise to about 70 over the coming months.

The brand new Gear VR headset ships on April 21, the same day as Samsung’s new premium smartphone range. This device will set you back $129 – much cheaper than a high-end headset like the Oculus Rift. However it will be slightly more expensive than the previous Gear VR (coming with the motion controller bundled with it).

Speaking of which, you can pick up the controller by itself for $39 if you already have a Gear VR.

Anyone who pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus will also receive the Gear VR with controller and a collection of digital content at no cost. Most major wireless carriers have already started taking pre-orders including Verizon

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