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Samsung Unveils Updated Gear VR Headset

Samsung has officially unveiled an updated Gear VR headset, confirming previous rumors. It today boasts style and ergonomics much better in contrast to the initial 2015 release, as well as on top of which a brand new controller powered by Oculus.

A Refreshed Gear VR Headset With A New Controller

While the brand new version is somewhat thicker and broader compared to the predecessor of its, the area of view remains much like the 2016 edition at hundred one degrees, compared to the ninety six degrees which was included with the initial design. Additionally, it includes enhanced distortion correction to minimize motion sickness, a typical gripe with VR headsets.

The addition of an Oculus powered controller is not a lot of a surprise. Such a peripheral has been rumored for days leading up to the Mobile World Congress, after being initially spotted in filings with the FCC.

Previous Gear VR headsets did offer some type of controls, but just small ones, and these were flanked on the sides of the product, therefore it was not really an user friendly setup for extended use. Right now with a separate controller bundled together with the headset, Samsung is actually opening its mobile VR platform up to developers, letting them more natively use input and navigation.

“The Gear VR with Controller expands our VR ecosystem to assist customers get much more interested as well as immersed in VR content – whether it is games or maybe videos,” said Younghee Lee, executive VP of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business.

The controller itself comes with a clickable touchpad as well as keys for home, returned, as well as volume control. Interior is a medley of sophisticated tech, featuring magnetic sensors, gyrometer, and an accelerometer. It is run by 2 AAA batteries believed to keep going as much as forty days per 2 hours of regular use. Both the headset as well as the controller support micro USB and USB Type C ports, and there is also a converter found in the package. The brand new hardware is going to work with Samsung’s slew of smartphones, like the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note five, and the Galaxy S6 series.

The inclusion of a controller parallels Samsung’s Gear VR platform to that of Google’s, since the Daydream View headset similarly comes with its very own controller.

70 Titles With Controller Support Already In Development

Samsung collaborated with Facebook owned Oculus to build the controller for the VR headset, aproximatelly five million have been offered to date, according to VentureBeat. Oculus states that there tend to be more than seventy titles already in development, and that all existing touchpads will be compatible with the Gear VR controller from day one.

“We’ll open up the Gear VR Controller SDK to other designers in a couple of weeks so they are able to begin creating experiences for the controller,” according to Oculus. Interested developers are able to post a request to get an SDK and all relevant hardware.

Yes, The New Controller Is Backward-Compatible With Old Gear VR Headsets

Fortunately, the brand new controller is not locked to the latest updated Gear VR headset. Oculus confirmed that it is going to be compatible with earlier Gear VR models as a distinct purchase. Support for third party VR headsets, like Daydream View, appear unlikely.


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Product Description

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