Samsung Galaxy X Gets Confirmed Accidentally

Samsung Galaxy X Gets Confirmed Accidentally

Samsung has established it is focusing on the Galaxy X. it is not clear whether this was carried out on purpose though, yet it is probably the biggest clue so much which shows the fold able Android phone’s existence.

Samsung may or even might not have wanted this to occur, but at any rate, it’s established the Galaxy X through an official support page.

For all those that do not know, the unit in question is rumored to be a fold able smartphone, and also it is not the flip phone kind either.

Has The Galaxy X Been Confirmed?

The Galaxy X is among the most discussed Samsung phones around, and that is since it will allegedly come with a flexible OLED screen that’ll enable users to fold it.

Apart from that, details are fairly limited and also up in the air – what CPU type it will have underneath the hood, just how much RAM it will carry in, if it will have two cameras, and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, based on what is turned up and so far, it is not a stretch to believe it exists. Couple that with this particular leak of sorts, and also it is much more credible than at any other time.

As spotted by Mobiel Kopen (via We need to Go Digital), an official support page of the Galaxy X has gone live on Samsung’s Korean site.

It reads the product number SM G888N0, and also it aligns with the serial which generated rounds online when the telephone got Bluetooth certified and also a certification from the National Radio Research Agency of South Korea.

Presumably, which code describes the Galaxy X version that’ll move out in Samsung’s home country.

Now the support page does not exactly give even the smallest hint of any information about the device, though it can show it is in the works.

Other Samsung Smartphone News

It’s just been several weeks because the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note eight hit the racks, but Samsung has already been moving toward the next flagship which is the Galaxy S9, which have been established to are available in 2 versions.

Much more than that, the South Korean manufacturer is reportedly traveling to equip the upcoming phone with the Infinity Display, like the Galaxy A5 (2018). Which should not come as much of a surprise considering just how the screen technology was warmly received.

Come February 2018, Samsung may also take the wraps off of the Galaxy S9 Mini. There is a huge emphasis on “might,” however, as it is based solely on a rumor.

In order to sum things up, Samsung can keep going strong with a flurry of products, from small versions and also smart clam-shells to fold-able smartphones like the highly anticipated Galaxy X.