Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Repair Service No Longer Lags Behind Apple

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners may now easily avail of same day repairs for the products of theirs. Samsung teamed up with uBreakiFix of the program, and that removes the main benefit that Apple had because of its Apple Stores.  (Lluis Gene|Getty Images)

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners will think it is easier to obtain their products fixed, as the company rolled out a same day repair program by way of a a partnership with uBreakiFix.

Among the benefits that Apple had over Samsung was the good locations of Apple Stores, in which buyers are able to have their iPhone’s repaired. The advantage has now been totally erased.

Samsung Rolls Out Same-Day Repair Service

Samsung announced the launch of a same day repair service to all of its smartphone customers in the United States through an official press release.

Based on Samsung, beginning March fifteen, the buyers of its might have their Galaxy smartphones repaired in more than 300 authorized uBreakiFix locations across the nation. Customers are going to receive same day assistance, and the majority of repairs will be accomplished within 2 hours.

Galaxy smartphone owners are going to be ready to

schedule appointments through the committed repairs page for Samsung Care authorized uBreakiFix locations. Customers will also be permitted to are available in without an appointment, though they are going to have to leave the smartphone of theirs.

The uBreakiFix locations are going to cover maintenance for the

Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy Note 8. The issues that could be repaired include substitutes for the front and back screens, substitutes for batteries, and maintenance for the camera & ports.

Along with using just genuine Samsung components, it also seems the uBreakiFix partner locations will work much like Apple Stores. Staff members is going to help clients create the smartphones of theirs, show features, and respond to some questions.

Smartphone Repairs: Samsung vs Apple

With 272 Apple Stores in the United States, iPhone owners have access that is easy to help and also customer help. This is definitely considered an advantage of Apple over Samsung, as authorized Galaxy smartphone service centers had been comparatively several in the nation. Samsung smartphone owners had been in the past forced to have their products repaired in authorized centers with third party parts.

Nevertheless, the edge held by Apple is now gone, and also it’ll actually find itself on the reverse side of the situation shortly. Besides the more than 300 uBreakiFix places in the United States, Samsung is preparing to tap nearly 200 additional locations by early next season.

The Galaxy S9 tear-down by iFixIt proved the smartphone is tough to fix by yourself, therefore the launch of same day repair centers is at a fantastic time. It remains being noticed, nonetheless, whether the easier access to maintenance will change to a lot more product sales for the Galaxy S9.

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