Samsung Galaxy S9 Won’t Feature 3D Facial Recognition

Samsung Galaxy S9 Won’t Feature 3D Facial Recognition

Based on a report, the Galaxy S9 won’t use a 3D facial recognition system much like Apple’s iPhone X along with its Face ID technology.

Samsung has not been a person to avoid staying in touch with the present fashion in the smartphone business, like the two cameras, and also it is additionally not brand new in introducing innovations, from the Super AMOLED display on the Infinity Display.

Nevertheless, it is not jumping on the train, so to speak, with regards to mobile 3D facial recognition methods, that Apple showed off well with the iPhone X along with its Face ID technology.

Galaxy S9 With 3D Facial Mapping Not Happening

Samsung is not behind in terms of face recognition technology, though it uses 2D images rather than 3D. Which being the case, it is not safe enough to be utilized for sensitive solutions including processing mobile banking and payments.

According to Business Korea, an industry expert says that the South Korean brand will “maintain the existing 2D system,” and as a result, it’ll “miss the diversification of smartphones.” In other words, the rumor says that the company isn’t adopting a 3D facial recognition system just yet.

On a similar note, other Android phone producers are reportedly aiming to secure components for 3D sensing, including but not restricted to controller chips, structure light 3D digital cameras, and also 3D sensors. Huawei, Oppo, along with Xiaomi are among the companies in question.

What’s Left For The Galaxy S9?

An on-screen fingerprint sensor is among the most discussed features that Samsung is working on, though the science is seemingly difficult to work out. It was meant to be a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 feature, though the business could not successfully work in time, not to point out that Apple additionally could not manage to perform a similar feat.

A recently available report states that the situation might be exactly the same for the Galaxy S9. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Note 9 might be the very first Samsung phone to boast a reader under the display screen.

In order to boil things done, reports have stated that the Galaxy S9 will not have 3D facial mapping as Face ID or maybe an under display fingerprint scanner, and in case they are something going by, then it is safe to suppose that the upcoming flagship will stay with your own fingerprint reader on the back along with the iris scanner.

At the conclusion of the morning, although, it is advised to carry the information with the proverbial grain of salt because there is nothing set in stone until the Samsung launches the phone itself.