Samsung Galaxy S9 Teardown: How Hard Will It Be To Repair?


The Samsung Galaxy S9 resembles the predecessor of its not just in design, but also in repairability. iFixit’s teardown exposes a terrible repairability score, that could mean it is going to be hard to repair whether it gets damaged.  (iFixit)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 went through the customary teardown progression which appears it is equally as hard to fix as its predecessor.

Every time a brand new flagship hit the scene, the people over at iFixit cannot wait around to tear it apart. The Galaxy S9 just received the therapy which is like the brand new Samsung flagship isn’t just comparable in design on the Galaxy S8, it is also comparable in terms repairability.

Year that is last, when the Galaxy S8 initially made the debut of its, iFixit’s teardown discovered it was a nightmare to repair. The firm has a repairability scale ranging from a single to ten, with ten being the simplest to restore. The Galaxy S8 got a score of 4 from ten on this particular repairability scale, that could mean it is hard to resolve should anything go wrong.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Teardown

It is a new year, a fresh Samsung flagship, along with a completely new teardown, but similar discouraging repairability score. The same as the predecessor of its, the Galaxy S9 scored a 4 from ten on the repairability scale.

With that rating, including Apple’s current flagship smartphone, having its interesting display notch, is much easier to fix than the Galaxy S9. The iPhone X got a repairability score of 6 from ten on iFixit’s scale.

Galaxy S9 Repairability: The Good And The Bad

The people over at iFixit further note that the Galaxy S9’s glass layout, while a “welcome respite,” doubles the danger of cracking in. Along with raising the danger of breaking, the glass look on both the back and also the back of the smartphone implies that fixes are very difficult from the very start. Strong adhesive, meanwhile, causes it to be hard to attain the inner parts of the unit.

The best part is that a lot of the parts inside the Samsung Galaxy S9 are modular, meaning that they are able to be independently replaced. The smartphone’s battery isn’t removable for any person, but updating the battery unit is “technically possible.”

Nevertheless, iFixit adds that achieving the power supply is an “unnecessary challenge.” As for the screen, that may crack or even break if the handset takes a tumble, replacing it will be a headache.

“Replacing the display screen requires getting rid of the glass back panel and also dismantling entire phone while trying to fight difficult adhesive,” iFixit warns. It’s the same for the Galaxy S9+, that received its very own teardown and discovered the exact same.

Having said that, it is still advised to seek the help of experts whenever your phone needs fixing, regardless of whether it’s a top or maybe a reduced repairability score. At exactly the same time, tougher repairability may also convert to higher maintenance prices.

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