Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus Plagued With Touch-Screen Dead Spots


Does your s9 have dead touch zones? This is how to test it on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

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Users put up on Reddit and also on Samsung’s community page to complain about the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. They reported that the touchscreen is suffering from old areas, and they differ in place for every unit.  (Robert Marquardt|Getty Images)

Things wish terrible for Samsung as several people report issues with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus touch screen, which apparently have dead areas.

On the company’s community web page, consumers have reported about the problems they encountered with the responsiveness of the current flagship device’s display.

Although many of them stated they received replacement smartphones from carriers or retailers, these accounts could likely be a PR nightmare for the South Korean firm.

Same Issues, Various Forms

What is fascinating about the reported problems is the fact that the unresponsive areas aren’t really the same. Some users mention it’s within the top one half of the display while others put up about the bottom half becoming defective.

Furthermore, some outliers encounter difficulties in random regions of the touch screen like the rest and also the centre are spread in random areas of the screen.

movies and GIFs of the defective devices have made the rounds on the internet and are instantly apparent with the assistance of drawing apps.

Avoiding Another Fiasco

Sources have yet to report the total quantity of consumers that come across the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus old spot issue. Nevertheless, Samsung will probably do something way in advance to ensure that it doesn’t get blown of proportion.

Some fear that if left wild, it may achieve the stage the same as when the Galaxy Note seven was recalled because of its faulty batteries, causing company’s billion-dollar losses. Not to point out, it, in addition, provided the organization with a terrible public image, which nevertheless continues up to today.

“At Samsung, customer satisfaction is core to our business and we aim to deliver the best possible experience. We are looking into a limited number of reports of Galaxy S9/S9+ touchscreen responsiveness issues. We are working with affected customers and investigating,” said a spokesperson from Samsung.

“We encourage any customer with questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.”

Reported Workarounds

From a technical perspective, the issue is presumably a hardware problem with many Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus units. Experts claim it might be a faulty digitizer, a component which detects the user’s touch on the screen.

There are several instances whereby consumers went on the Settings menus and also apparently changed the sensitivity of the touchscreen, that showed different results. All those who performed a factory reset reported to have fixed the problems.

Nevertheless, it looks like the very best strategy is taking advantage of the handset’s warranty and get a replacement.

The company has yet to issue an official statement about the recently reported problems.


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