Samsung Galaxy S9 ‘Black Crush’ Screen Issue: What It Is And How You Could Fix It

Several Samsung Galaxy S9 computer users are faced with a’ black crush’ display problems which impact visuals in dark shades. Samsung must deal with the situation in time, but until next there is a short-term workaround that will complete the trick.

The top notch Infinity Display, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are apparently dealing with several colour blending issues, known as “black crush.”

Samsung’s AMOLED displays are known for the good quality of theirs and sharp details, however, they are not without using a fault. Several Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ users have taken to different web message boards to report it black crush issue, that has earlier affected additional smartphones including the Google Pixel two XL.

Galaxy S9 ‘Black Crush’ Screen Issue Explained

This “black crush” screen issue describes different dark shades displayed inaccurately. As an outcome, dark sections of pictures or video are able to appear with blocks or maybe black, pixelated, and grainy, which is actually the opposite of what you would expect from a top-notch, high-resolution screen. The visuals made with this “black crush” issue are with considerably less information, like a file that is lost the majority of the quality of its after heavy compression.

To put it simply, instead of showing details, screens influenced by this particular problem will show blocks of black or pixelated pictures in dim sections. The Android Soul shows this problem in a sample picture, using the phone above showing the photo properly, while the 1 below is suffering from the “black crush” issue.

(Photo: The Android Soul)The mobile above displays the colours properly, while the 1 below is suffering from the tan crush display issue.

This issue appears to be much more common on Galaxy S9+ units, plus it evidently will become obvious at the inferior brightness.

Hardware Or Software Issue?

While it might seem as a hardware problem at first glance, it is most likely a program one. Cell phones which have in the past experienced such problems fixed it through a program upgrade and this also will probably apply in this instance also. Samsung should issue an upgrade in time, and the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ should display visuals correctly once again, maybe even in the darkest shades.

Galaxy S9 ‘Black Crush’ Fix: Temporary Workaround

Until Samsung issues a software upgrade to handle the matter on its flagship smartphones, people are able to take things into the very own hands of theirs and turn to a short-term workaround which might make things considerably better.

In the Pixel two XL’s situation, for example, users could enhance this particular colour blending problem by making use of a specific app named Screen Balance. The app can be obtained as a totally free download on the Google Play store and must work as a good workaround until an official fix becomes available.

It is still unclear at this stage just how widespread this particular problem really is, though it does not impact all handsets. If you have got a Galaxy S9 or maybe Galaxy S9+, have you encountered colour that is some blending issues? Let us know in the comments section below.

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