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Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Support Facial Recognition

The Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as its larger version – the Galaxy S8 Plus- are actually poised to be launched on March twenty nine at the company’s event in York that is New.

As the launch of the 2 smartphones draws nearer, leaks as well as rumors pertaining to the handset are selling far more information. The newest buzz implies that the Galaxy S8 won’t just offer a fingerprint scanner, but also a skin recognition feature.

Based on a report from a Korean publication, the Galaxy S8 is going to have the facial recognition function in addition to the iris scanner.

Why Facial Recognition?

The report says that Samsung is actually looking to beef up the biometric protection in its impending flagship and wish to include an extra security layer. Consequently, additionally to getting iris and fingerprint scanners in the Galaxy S8, Samsung is also thinking about the addition of the facial recognition feature.

Furthermore, the report cites a Samsung official that has provided that iris scanner might have limits.

“Due to some boundaries of iris scanning like accuracy and speed, we’ve decided to include facial recognition to the Galaxy S8. With a face scanner, it is going to take under 0.001 seconds to unlock the phone,” noted the official.

Samsung is reportedly testing the prototypes which are actually deploying the face scanning technology. The brand new skin detection feature will undoubtedly give the Samsung Galaxy S8 an advantage over rival handsets including the iPhone eight and LG G6.

Another reason for Samsung including the feature can be that it will be a novel addition, since it wasn’t available in Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Incorporating the alternative might be a simple option for Samsung as face detection by the Google OS doesn’t have to have some specific hardware. It simply uses the front camera to function.

Can Android Support Facial Recognition?

Surprisingly, the Android OS is actually in a position to help facial recognition through the secondary digital camera after 2011, when Ice Cream Sandwich was introduced by Google. Nevertheless, this particular feature’s stability was always questionable.

Possible Challenges

The utilization of this particular security feature may find favor with Galaxy S8 users and might well turn into the key technique, superseding fingerprint and iris scanning. Nevertheless, possible hurdles Samsung might encounter might include making the security feature powerful and wise enough so that it’s not bluffed by a photograph rather than the actual face. Furthermore, it’d also have to be prepared to deal with dim lighting conditions effectively – an ability which the iris scanner in the Galaxy Note seven lacked.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is actually likely to debut on March twenty nine and will reportedly hit the shelves on April twenty eight, as the unveiling has seemingly been delayed by a week.

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