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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Drop Test Versus The iPhone 7 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are without a doubt the greatest smartphone releases of the year, so far, but how sturdy are they?

Both of them come equipped with a wide range of features and a high-end specification superior to anything that has come before. Making them worthy of the attached flagship title, while adding a nicely polished design giving them a premium look and feel.

Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus sport the same stylish and elegant design, but the stunning glass edge design seems like it would be considerably vulnerable. Glass can crack or shatter from accidental drops or knocks and although the smartphones come with reinforced glass, they’re still more vulnerable than other devices with full-metal designs.

Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Drop Tests

A drop test from earlier in the week showed the Galaxy S8 taking quite a thumping, giving fans the warning signs to cover up its premium design with protective equipment in order to keep it safe in general use.

A more recent drop test, brings more hope, showing the Galaxy S8 Plus performing particularly well during this extended drop test. Considering its glass-sandwich design, this is quite impressive.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus  vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Drop Test

The new Galaxy S8 Plus drop test, carried out by EverythingApplePro on YouTube, places it in direct competition with the iPhone 7 Plus, which has an aluminum chassis. The positive news is the Galaxy S8 Plus held up quite well, not breaking nearly as easily as in the previous test. More specifically, the front glass panel sustained far more severe drops yet held up quite well, although it must be noted that the rear glass panel suffered damage on the first test. This indicates to us that a standard protective case might be all that is necessary to keep your shiny new device safe from harm. The functionality of the Galaxy S8 Plus also remained throughout the tests while the iPhone 7 Plus display began glitching towards the end.

The thorough drop test uses several scenarios to check the durability of the Galaxy S8 Plus and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. As expected, the lower to the ground and the more even the terrain is, the less damage it takes.


The iPhone 7 Plus performed better in most of the drop tests, which is hardly surprising considering its aluminium build. The full metal chassis allowed the iPhone 7 Plus to handle a majority of the tests better than the Galaxy S8 Plus did. Of course, surface and height play a big part in the outcome, but overall in this particular test the iPhone 7 Plus proved more sturdy than the Galaxy S8 Plus.

It goes without saying that neither the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or the iPhone 7 Plus are immune to damage – they are not even shock-proof. They will take a drop or two without falling apart, but it would be advisable to invest in some protective gear. A simple phone case would be suffice in most situations.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus made their appearance on March 29th and became available for pre-order. They will begin shipping on April 21 in the United States and April 28th globally. Further durability tests will certainly make their way across the net as soon as the smartphones officially become available to consumers, we will be keeping an eye out for further tests on these brand new smartphones.

The first drop tests show mixed results with the Galaxy S8 Plus faring much better in the latest. Without further ado, check out the video below to see the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus handle multiple drops to test their durability.

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