Samsung Galaxy S8 Outselling Galaxy S7 By 15 Percent – Reports

Speculation on S8 Figures Refuted by Samsung Chief

Samsung’s mobile business chief has refuted bad statements about the Galaxy S8’s sales performance. He declared Galaxy S7 sales aren’t surpassing Galaxy S8 sales at all.

Of late there have been several recent reports that Samsung Galaxy S8 sales have stalled and continue to be much less productive in comparison to the Galaxy S7.

Excellent Launch – But Interest Appeared to Wane

Upon launch, critics raved about the Galaxy S8, praising its substantial Infinity Display along with impressive internals, however additionally not without criticizing Samsung for a number of really questionable design choices, like the fingerprint placed near the digital camera. Nevertheless, the sleek smartphone was off to an excellent start, breaking pre-order sales records for Samsung.

A week ago, report came out saying the Galaxy S8 was not surpassing Galaxy S7 sales. All those reports claimed that the flagship was falling behind the S7. The claims surprised many, though given the Samsung Galaxy S8’s much higher price point, it is not an impossible theory.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Is The Galaxy S8 Falling Behind The Galaxy S7?

But Samsung’s mobile division chief has today refuted the claims. During a trip to Taiwan last week, Samsung mobile business president DJ Koh confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will continue to outsell the Galaxy S7. What is more, combined Galaxy S8 sales are in fact 15% higher compared to the Galaxy S7.

Koh did not supply any concrete sales figures, however, did mention he is expecting product sales performance of the two devices to be maintained throughout the second half of 2017. Koh even revealed recently that Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy Note 8 in August and release it sometime in September.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 will be the immediate successor to the excellent yet ultimately disastrous Galaxy Note 7, which is poised to be the company’s most effective & advanced handset thus far. Rumors claim the smartphone is going to have 6 GB of RAM along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, among other features.

The introduction of the Note 8, nonetheless, will probably impact Galaxy S8 sales, as the Note lineup of cell phone is generally seen as the most effective and premium of the 2 flagship handsets Samsung releases annually.

Other Galaxy Note 8 rumors point to the placement of the fingerprint scanner at the rear on the device, which many folks are highly critical of. Details about the eagerly awaited Note 8 remain mostly elusive, which considering the phone is due for release next month is unusual. Some claim it will cost you over $1,000, which if that is true, we can certainly expect Samsung to dress the phone up with the most premium of specs.

Galaxy Note 8 v iPhone 8

We can look forward to some interesting battles this fall, with the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 expected to compete tooth and nail for market share in the premium smartphone market.