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Samsung Galaxy S8 And LG G6 Drop Test Determines The Toughest Smartphone

Smartphone makers are creating products which can pack in a lot far more capabilities than prior iterations. Probably the most frequent examples of this’s the addition of six GB or maybe eight GB of RAM in new premium handsets.

Smartphones are also incorporating a dual camera setup for much better image quality and OEMs as Samsung, Apple, and LG have paid specific interest to reducing the bezels.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and also the LG G6 are 2 of the most sought after Consumer Electronics released this year. Both smartphones are usually pitted against one another to ascertain which one is the superior choice. Nevertheless, the 2 Android devices have yet to be compared against one another in a durability test – until right now.

YouTuber Ben Sin put the LG G6 and also the Galaxy S8 to the test to determine, which of the 2 is more durable.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs LG G6: Drop Test

Sin uploaded a video clip of the fall test on the YouTube channel of his. In the test, he drops both phones a couple of times before cracks begin to show up. Also, he drops them on different surfaces to determine their durability.

The test disclosed that the LG G6 suffered cracks on the outside tips after the first couple of drops, whereas the Galaxy S8 didn’t demonstrate external damage even after 3 drops.

Nevertheless, Sin notes that the many fundamental component of a cell phone is its screen. In regards to this particular element, the Galaxy S8 performed badly since the handset’s display cracked before that of the LG G6.

Sin shared that even after all the drops, the LG G6’s display bore wider but superficial cracks and those couldn’t be felt when touched. Nevertheless, the Samsung handset’s display revealed significant cracks on the corners.

Why Durability Matters

The drop test determined that the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is actually much more susceptible to significant cracking on its screen than the LG G6. This is likely due to the Galaxy S8’s dual curved edge display. Industry experts opine that curved tips on a phone’s screen make them much more vulnerable to cracking.

The LG G6 has a level screen, which may be why its display didn’t crack as rapidly as the Galaxy S8’s.

Accidentally dropping your mobile is one thing that most people have experienced one time or perhaps another. With premium handsets like the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, an accidental drop and as such consequent cracking of the display might prove to become a costly error. It’s primarily due to this particular element which drives businesses to try and ensure the products of theirs are as strong as they possibly can, so that small drops as well as accidents don’t always ruin the smartphones.

Check out the drop test video below.

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