Leaked Images of Galaxy S8 Active Revealed: An Alternative To The Galaxy Note 8 for Some?

Leaked Images of Galaxy S8 Active Revealed

Leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active have given us a better look at what Samsung’s new sturdy smartphone may look like. This appears to be designed for people often using their phone outdoors, and the unit might also be a great substitute for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 8 is the Samsung device which is actually filling up the headlines, but leaked pictures of the Galaxy S8 Active shows us that two smartphones exist which appear very promising and worth waiting for.

Samsung is anticipated to ultimately unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on the 23rd of August at the Unpacked event in NYC. Nevertheless, for Samsung fans that are searching for options, the Galaxy S8 Active is going to be an excellent choice to those averse to the Infinity Display of the S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Leaked Images of Galaxy S8 Active

The Galaxy S8 Active, the tough version of Samsung’s existing flagship smartphone, until the Galaxy Note 8 has been released. The Galaxy S8 Active appeared in May through a picture from the Wireless Power Consortium. The smartphone was inadvertently confirmed by Samsung last month when the Galaxy S8 Active was listed on the company’s official Knox site.

While there’s also no release date for the Galaxy S8 Active, its launch is obviously approaching quickly. A person from the AC forums got hold of the smartphone and has published photos of the unit while simultaneously responding to specific questions on there.

The person reported to become a buddy of a Samsung employee in San Francisco, that’s exactly how he managed to get a Galaxy S8 Active. He’s since deleted the thread of his on Reddit which contained the info about the Galaxy S8 Active, but its photos & details have propagated online thus maintaining the existence of this leak.

The pictures show what a lot of customers want from an Active smartphone of Samsung, with a poly-carbonate body & sides made of metallic materials for improved longevity. Further strengthening the structure of the smartphone and lowering the risk of damage to the 5.8 inch display by making it flat. It also comes with added scratch protection and increased the thickness of the phone which has increased by 50% over the Galaxy S8.

Increased Capacity Battery

The battery on the Galaxy S8 Active is expected to possess a capacity of 4,000 mAh, which is 1,000 mAh higher when compared to the capacity of the Galaxy S8’s power source.

Previous Active smartphones, nonetheless, featured a physical home button and capacitive keys for additional damage resistance. For the Galaxy S8 Active, it seems that Samsung made the decision to eliminate them from its design. The re-programmable Active button has likewise been replaced with the often complained about Bixby button.

Galaxy S8 Active


Galaxy S8 Active vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy S8 Active will offer exactly the same specs as the Galaxy S8, meaning the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 will be a little more remarkable in regards to what is underneath the hood. Nevertheless, for owners that are constantly in challenging situations or perhaps particularly clumsy and prone to dropping their smartphone, the Galaxy S8 Active is an ideal option.

Additionally, the Galaxy S8 Active is actually likely to continue the tradition of Samsung’s Active series by merely offering it under AT&T, which may be a deal breaker for Samsung fans that prefer other carrier networks.



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