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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Boast 3D Touch-Like Display

Samsung is actually set to join the 3D Touch race, as the Galaxy Note 8 is actually gearing up for a pressure sensitive display to be added to its arsenal. Like rival Apple, Samsung is going to look to capitalize on this technology.

From the time Apple announced its pressure sensitive display for the iPhone 6S, Samsung has been tinkering with exactly the same thought and has reportedly integrated the technology in the Galaxy Note 8.

Based on a report from The Investor, Samsung has developed an innovative pressure sensing technology for OLED displays. Samsung Display has reportedly showcased it to a selection of partner businesses at the MWC 2017. The energy sources additionally recommend that Samsung will make use of the technology in the upcoming Galaxy S8 too.

“Samsung’s brand new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 is actually anticipated to mostly make use of the 3 D Touch technology for its “virtual home button” on the bottom part of the display screen which allows users to open up menus and go over the cell phone, while the fingerprint scanning home button will be relocated to the publication was noted by the back,”.

The site’s sources also shared that post “the partial adoption” of the technology, Samsung’s next gen flagships like the rumored Galaxy Note eight may also deploy the pressure sensitive touch engineering, not just on the home button though the complete screen.

How Will The Technology Be Implemented?

The term “limited” is actually being used for the usage of this technology, because the pressure sensors will only be fitted in the navigation strip, at the bottom end of the telephone.

The brand new virtual home button will even use the technology, and the end user will have the ability to access various kinds of menus through short or long presses of the display screen. It’s thought that the total use of this technology will be worked out in the approaching Galaxy Note eight.

Samsung Display has constructed an OLED display that supported 3D Touch in the past, which has been used in some smartphones including the Huawei nine. Nevertheless, the concept is still to be used by Samsung Electronics in the products of its, perhaps due to lack of specialized superiority.

Nevertheless, it’s thought that the current OLED panels which Samsung Display is actually making for the next gen iPhone offers a far better sensitivity, in addition to wider levels for sensing stress when compared to the display used by Huawei P9.

It is going to be good to see just how Samsung includes the 3D Touch like technology in the near term in the Galaxy S8 and also the Galaxy Note 8, if at all.

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