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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Said To Have ‘Great’ Codename

Samsung is reportedly working on its Galaxy Note series once a lot more and can release the Galaxy Note eight if rumors are actually to be thought.

Quite possibly as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and also Galaxy S8+ gear up to release on March twenty nine, the newest buzz indicates that Samsung is actually beefing up its smartphone line with the Galaxy Note 7’s successor.

The Galaxy Note eight, and that is allegedly the comeback edition of the Galaxy Note seven, has been codenamed “Great” per lates reports.

The Codename And Model Number

Per the news shared by SamMobile, the Galaxy Note eight is actually likely to take the SM N950F model number, for the international unlocked variant. The letter at the conclusion of the amount will change according to the marketplace.

Nevertheless, to ensure a smooth roll from the software program updates, Samsung might not be using too many model numbers, as it did with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones.

Earlier reports suggested that the Galaxy Note eight could offer the “Baikal” codename. Nevertheless, based on the present reports, the codename might have been transformed to “Great”.

When the codename is actually any indication of the item which is actually coming, the Galaxy Note eight may indeed sport exciting features which would surely entice fans to be on the lookout for any media about the unit.

The Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

Based on the report, Samsung might be working to revamp the Galaxy Note seven, for the South Korean industry as well as the unit is actually anticipated to have the product number SM N935, with the codename Grace R (Refurbished).

Heading back to the Galaxy Note seven fiasco, the device had a questionable reputation as a number of people complained of spontaneous combustion or maybe battery explosion while charging. As a result of these deadly complex problems, Samsung had to issue a worldwide recall for of the unit.

With around ninety two cases of fire being reported in the U.S. alone, and a lawsuit filed by Daniel Ramirez against the organization since the unit explosion caused her serious burns, Samsung faced big issues after the safety hazard came to light.

Reports about the Galaxy Note seven battery explosion had been recorded every then and now. The business experienced a big loss because of the recall of its Galaxy Note seven.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 event at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) was also interrupted by a Greenpeace protestor that demanded that the business recycle the unused areas from the recalled Galaxy Note seven products in its unique products..
Nevertheless, with the upcoming Galaxy Note eight, Samsung is actually looking back to obtain the lost trust as a result of the Note seven fiasco.

For today, fans are able to rejoice about the reality that the South Korean company is actually focusing on the Galaxy Note 7’s successor, which might possess state of the art specs and features upon its launch.


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