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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Announcement Roundup: Reason For Explosion, S8 Delay, Note 8 Launch, And More

When it came out, the Galaxy Note seven was almost universally revered for standing as a sterling flagship produced by Samsung in the 2nd half of 2016. That’s until a number of units started exploding. Believed at first as merely battery charging mishaps, a consistent influx of reports quickly discovered that the issue was much more insidious, and this might have stemmed from battery flaws or maybe the phone’s manufacturing process.

The issue has mostly been speculated sans Samsung’s word that is official about a clear cause. The business has just recently closed its investigation of the entire dismal affair, and it’s only just completed disclosing the results at an event Sunday (U.S. time) which was livestreamed via its own personal site.

During that hourlong media event held in South Korea, Samsung provided a very comprehensive explanation of what went wrong, laying down slides full of conclusions from 3 independent agencies that the business ordered to conduct an investigation. These agencies burrowed deep, scrutinizing different fronts – from battery chemistry, to manufacturing methods, to Samsung’s phone transport logistics – in order to show up at a rational reason.

Listed here are probably the most significant issues we realized from the event.

Note 7 Battery Problems

2 many different kinds of batteries combusted for 2 completely different good reasons, based on Samsung. The very first one that shipped with the Note seven burst to flames due to a style flaw which paved the way for the battery’s negative and positive electrodes to enter into contact, that caused it to short circuit.

After remembering the problematic handsets, Samsung then issued replacement devices with many different batteries provided by a brand new dealer, but quality management could not keep up with stacked orders, thereby initiating a manufacturing flaw: a welding mistake that left a big enough nutter of material to open up a gap in the separator that kept chemicals apart.

Investigators found out that at times, the separator was not even current. Not very long after issuing the replacement devices, Samsung initiated a second recall, at some point leading to a comprehensive production halt of the Note seven.

Samsung opted not to disclose its electric battery vendors, but as CNET reports, citing individuals acquainted with the issue, Samsung SDI was responsible for the original batteries; Amperex Technology made the batteries for the replacement products.

Samsung Will Uphold A New Eight-Point Battery Safety Check

In order to stop the Note 7’s disastrous stint from actually being replicated down the road, Samsung announced that each phone it will release moving forward is going to undergo its new eight point battery security test, this includes enhancements as well as protocols new to Samsung’s original security check. Portion of the latest process sees Samsung much more complex in elements like material types utilized, and other things. In reality, Samsung believes the latest security check of its is very comprehensive it is convincing other businesses to use it for their very own testing methods, too.

(Photo : Samsung)

Galaxy S8 Delay

Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S8, has been established to ignore a late February launch. The release date has been pushed back again because the business had to cope with the Note seven recall and investigation.

That said, so many are actually wanting Samsung to officially unveil the handset at this year’s Mobile World Congress happening late February in Barcelona, Spain. The possibility, nonetheless, has since been debunked by a Samsung executive, therefore all the eyes and ears are actually on Samsung for an official unveiling date.
In the meantime, a trove of rumors populate internet space in relation to the Galaxy S8’s internals, externals, and so forth. By all means dive into kids for a thorough, if speculative, look at what the Galaxy S8 might be, but needless to suggest that most rumors must be addressed with good suspicion.

Note 8 Will Still Happen

There’ll still be a Note eight even after the Note branding has actually been tainted in the public eye. In reality, the brand new iteration will be a “better, more secure and extremely advanced Note 8,” according to D.J. Koh, Samsung’s mobile chief. The company generally releases Galaxy S series smartphones during the very first half, so the Note sequence during the year’s latter half.

While it remains to be seen if consumers come crawling back again to the Note brand, Samsung seems optimistic that it recapture the committed supporters of its Note smartphones.

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