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Samsung Crashes The Oscars With Few Important Reminders

Samsung has once again flexed its monetary muscle during the Oscars telecast, buying 3 crucial areas which sought to underscore one overarching message, that Samsung Galaxy phones are actually secure and tried in conditions that are extreme to stay away from the Note seven battery explosions.

Tested, Retested, And Tested Again

The 2 30 second advertisements shown during the Oscars focused on this particular promise. The very first underscored how the South Korean company guarantees the quality of its gadgets. It has been tied to a reference to Samsung’s legacy, which appears to be thinking that the business is actually staking its status when it says that the upcoming Samsung products aren’t likely to burn the pockets of yours.

“Our phones are extensively tested, retested, and then, tested again,” one of the ads claimed. “Innovation is our legacy. Quality is our priority.”

In order to enhance the words, the commercial featured pictures of Samsung handsets being put through different torture tests. The battery power seemed to have endured the majority of it as it was depicted getting baked in an oven, pierced, dropped and prodded by a number of contraptions that simulate all abuse types. By the end of the business, the market should have taken the hint for good measure.

Samsung Battery Safety Check

The many other ad also briefly demonstrated the so called eight point battery security test, what Samsung stressed is its most difficult safety check ever. No specific information as to the actual practice or even what sort of leading edge technologies can help avoid brand new Galaxy handsets from exploding though the focus on assessments speaks volumes about Samsung’s priority when it just recently began manufacturing its products.

However, these 2 ads didn’t incorporate footages of the Galaxy S8 getting tortured or even tested. The ad demonstrating the eight point battery test, for instance, showed the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge if just for the reality that the equipment continue to feature a family home button. Just like the LG G6, upcoming Samsung flagships will no longer have a house key based on leaked reports.

For Ordinary Video Creators

The very last of the advertisements just paid homage to the everyday people out there that like creating video clips as well as do not have some huge awards show & fancy cameras. It relied on popular YouTube star Casey Neistat to provide the message. He’s especially noted for the contents of his which have critiques of Apple items.

The final industrial material has punctuated Samsung’s brand new approach, drastically departing from the celebrity based advertising it’s pursued in the past. In 2016, for instance, the business tapped William H. Macy to headline its Gear VR commercial. The season before that, Ellen DeGeneres went viral with her Samsung sponsored selfie.

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