Samsung Blocking Users from Remapping The Galaxy S8 Bixby Button


It seems Samsung is entirely against Galaxy S8 users remapping the specific Bixby Button, something a great deal of consumers have been doing ever since the handset launched late April.

Samsung has been proud of its proprietary electronic voice assistant ever since it launched on the markets, but arguably, there continues to be hardly any reason to shout out about, since the virtual assistant was half baked upon coming out, particularly missing its voice control option. Additionally, it didn’t really add anything purposeful in relation to the Google Assistant and Google Feed – which has arguably been a disappointment for many.

Obviously, many folks needed to remap the button presumably for much better use, as well as they did. Next, Samsung attempted to block apps which permit them to remap the switch, but crafty designers found a workaround not long after.

Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Owners No Longer Able to Remap Bixby Button

Today, nonetheless, beginning with the most recent T Mobile update, Samsung has again blocked owners from doing exactly this thing. As Android Police reports, the creator of bxActions confirmed that T Mobile Galaxy S8 users have claimed that the June security update disabled the remap option.

Similar apps like BixBye, Bixby Button Remapper, and Custom Bixby Button have all ceased working also. It appears Samsung has discovered the developers’ workaround and used a workaround in addition to that to turn off virtually any remapping functionality.

As it stands, only T Mobile Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are actually affected. The choice still works with different variants of the telephone. The bxActions creator plans to find one more workaround, so expect due coverage as he does, and for that matter, when other builders also are able to look for workarounds.

The Current Situation With Samsung Bixby

Samsung has just recently delayed the launch of Bixby Voice further, that was claimed to come out alongside the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus this past April. Bixby Voice is but one important thing about the entire Bixby ecosystem, working as Apple’s Siri plus Google’s Assistant by executing tasks based on a user’s voice commands.

Reports have advised that aside from having to clean up on its English, Bixby continue to lacks the fundamental data must run its rich learning technology to the maximum. In case both points are actually correct, then it may have some time before Samsung can confidently roll out Bixby Voice stateside.

It is still a question just why Samsung is cracking down on people who wish to remap their Bixby buttons to do something different. It is not exactly like Samsung Bixby is at full potential currently, anyway, right? So why not simply allow them to remap it for the moment?

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