Samsung Bixby-Powered Smart Speaker To Challenge Amazon Echo, Google Home, And Apple HomePod

Bixby-Powered Smart Speaker Being Worked On By Samsung To Compete With The Amazon Echo, Google Home, And Apple HomePod

A report claims Samsung is focusing on an intelligent speaker driven by its very own digital assistant Bixby, a shift which will additionally firm up the race in the developing business.

Apple recently announced the HomePod, a challenger to the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers. When the article is correct, Samsung will quickly make it a four horse race.

When To Expect The Samsung Bixby Speaker?

Based on a report by the Korean Herald, there are actually rumors that Samsung is actually focusing on a “home audio device” which will probably be driven by Bixby, its fresh voice assistant which was partially rolled out alongside the Galaxy S8.

Samsung is actually believed to have acquired design patents for a brand new standalone audio device just like the business was wanting to grow the apps of Bixby. This raises the probability that we’ll quickly see a Bixby powered smart speaker from Samsung.

The article coincides with a report from last month on 2 patents which were given to Samsung. While the very first patent was for a Note smartphone, the next one was just for an audio product.

The Bixby powered smart speaker might perhaps be called the Samsung Hello, which happens to be a trademark which was acquired by Samsung back in February. At the time, it was thought that Samsung Hello was the actual name of Bixby or even only one of the digital assistant’s features. The trademark hasn’t yet surfaced in almost any Samsung product, making it a likely choice for the upcoming smart speaker’s reputation.

Microsoft Cortana Speaker Also On Its Way?

Samsung won’t be working alone on its planned Bixby speaker though. Harman Kardon, a subsidiary of Samsung, is actually believed to be doing work with Microsoft on an additional smart speaker powered by Cortana. As with any other smart speakers, the Cortana speaker named Invoke will allow users to issue speech instructions for a wide range of projects.

Invoke is actually anticipated to be introduced in the third quarter of the season, this means that the Bixby speaker won’t likely roll out until much later on, maybe even following season.

Will The Samsung Bixby Speaker Succeed?

If Samsung won’t roll out the Bixby Speaker until next year, its competitors in this area might already have had a major lead by then. The Amazon Echo has already launched many variants, the Google Home is actually evolving, and the Apple HomePod is actually set to be released later on this season.

Firstly Samsung must get around to building Bixby into a wise speaker, however, the business must first iron out all of the problems surrounding the digital assistant. Last week, a report said that in inner testing, Bixby was having difficulty with understanding the grammar and syntax of the English language.

Its troubles with learning English is actually what has caused the delay of the full rollout of the digital assistant. The voice part of Bixby was originally expected to be launched in May, but it was pushed back to June. Bixby, however, may be further delayed.

Whether the thought of getting Bixby into a wise speaker is actually a bad one won’t be recognized for certain until, or even if, Samsung releases the device. By then, the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, as well as Microsoft Invoke will be all set for a brand new challenger.

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