Samsung Bixby AI Assistant Unofficial Port Released For Previous Generations – Despite Galaxy S8 Exclusivity | #GalaxyS8Plus | 311

Samsung Bixby AI Assistant Unofficial Port Available For Older Smartphones Such as the Galaxy S7

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The new smart assistant from Samsung, called Bixby is exclusive to the latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus flagships. However it has already been ported over (unofficially) to older handsets by those among the android community.

Samsung revealed its new Bixby assistant late last month, just before the actual unveiling of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The company ensures a “fundamentally different” experience with Bixby informing us it’s not just another assistant similar to Apples Siri or Googles Assistant. Further stating that its a whole new experience which aims to transform the way people interact with smartphones.

Advanced Smartphone Interaction

Samsung has employed artificial intelligence, reinforcing deep learning concepts to the core of our user interface designs. Bixby is the ongoing result of this effort,” Samsung explained.

Bixby will be our first step on a journey to completely open up new ways of interacting with your phone,” added the Company.

Samsung Bixby Availability

While its been confirmed that Samsung’s future flagships will come with Bixby. Currently the smart assistant is available only packaged with the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus premium smartphones which are poised to hit the market later this month. Both devices even have a dedicated Bixby button, allowing users to summon the assistant quickly and easily at a moments notice.

Samsung however has no plans to release Bixby as an app through the Play Store for older smartphones. Even if they are sufficiently powerful to support the assistant. The Galaxy S7, for example, should have no issues firing up Bixby and being able to run it to its full potential.

Samsung Bixby AI Assistant Unofficial Port

Samsung Bixby On Galaxy S7

On a positive note, the fact that it is not officially available doesn’t mean it’s completely off limits to those with a little knowledge. While previous Samsung smartphones don’t officially get the software. The tech savvy folks over at XDA developers have already ported Bixby to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

XDA user takerhbk explains, porting the Samsung Bixby assistant to the Galaxy S7 is not overly complicated — it can be done in just a few simple steps. The process involves installing the Galaxy S8 launcher and the Bixby application programming interface (APK). Then activating the smart assistant and followed by rebooting the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Bixby AI Assistant Unofficial Port

The user provided links to download the Galaxy S8 launcher and the Bixby APK. Several other users have managed to successfully replicate the process and also get Samsung Bixby running on their smartphones.

Some report that it works well, while others report issues such as freezing, crashing or only partially working. Considering that it’s an unofficial port, however, it’s no surprise that a few problems might arise. Further tweaking meanwhile is likely to drastically improve the port as time goes on.

According to the XDA user who posted the Bixby port, any Samsung Galaxy device with Android Nougat running is capable of supporting the Bixby smart assistant. This means that the Galaxy S7 is not the only smartphone that will be able to unofficially make use of this new feature.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone running Android Nougat and would like to try out the new Samsung Bixby assistant. You can follow the instructions on XDA to experience the Samsung Bixby AI Assistant unofficial port. As always, keep in mind that unofficial software can be buggy and not everything may go as planned. That said, if you do decide to try it out, leave a comment below and let us how it fares.

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