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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Make Way To Select Markets

While the Samsung Galaxy Note eight is still in the making and is actually more likely to be released in the 2nd half of the season, the company is reportedly preparing to release its refurbished Galaxy Note seven in June 2017,

Per a report from the Korea Economic Daily, Samsung might release a refurbished variant of the defunct Galaxy Note seven, which encountered battery explosions leading to the withdrawal of its, to select areas.

The publication noted (in Korean) that the refurbished item could be offered mostly in India, Vietnam and several other emerging markets. It added that the business might supposedly sell the devices in South Korea as well. Nevertheless, it might do this before the launch of Galaxy Note eight.

Refurbished Vs. Original: What’s The Difference?

The refurbished edition of the Galaxy Note seven is going to offer around 3000 mAh or maybe 3200 mAh as compared to the first edition which housed a 3500 mAh battery.The smaller and new batteries are actually likely to make the unit safer.

Reports suggest that the refurbished smartphone is actually apt to retain the other core specs, but may ditch the earlier case. The smartphone might think of a freshly made case.

Debacle Leading To Refurbishment

Samsung and several more independent sources concluded that the Galaxy Note 7’s battery was the sole reason behind its failure. The majority of the keyboard didn’t have some glaring flaws.

The company’s earlier announcement reported that around 3.06 million products had been shipped and distributed to the marketplace. Among them, around ninety eight % of the overall devices had been recalled.

Reports also suggest that around 200,000 of the overall devices had been used to evaluate the reason for the spontaneous explosions. The company’s officials affirmed it’s incurred rather a huge amount of fine in terminology of environmental damages. They added that the selling of the refurbished smartphone might let the firm to recoup the losses incurred because of the recall.

If reports are actually to be believed, then Samsung is actually apt to endure a huge amount of fine by Korea’s environment officials, using the failure of proper disposal of the earlier Galaxy Note seven.


Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note seven may turn out be a cost-effective and safer merchandise to buy as it’d surely solve the environmental issue experienced by the earlier version.

It is also well worth mentioning that per the reports, the refurbished Galaxy Note seven is actually apt to be prepared by May and will begin hitting the market in June, following the conclusion of manufacturing by the integrated divisions.

Samsung would love to stay away from the problems which plagued the first Galaxy Note seven and come up with a much better device. Nevertheless, it appears for right now that U.S. customers will be not able to get the hands of theirs on the refurbished device and will have to hold out for the Galaxy Note eight.

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