Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Launching Next Week As Galaxy Note FE: Safe This Time?

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Launching Next Week As Galaxy Note FE: Safe This Time?


It appears Samsung is once again gearing up to release the ill fated Galaxy Note 7 as soon as next week, as the Galaxy Note FE.

Rumors of a refurbished Galaxy Note seven launching as the Galaxy Note FE have been making rounds for some time now, and a new report from The Wall Street Journal now bolsters such claims.

The “FE” in the title reportedly stands for the WSJ and “Fandom Edition” says the device will hit Samsung’s home state of South Korea on July seven, valued at about 700,000 won (aproximatelly $616). South Korea appears to be the sole sector which is going to get the device, no less than at first.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This can mark the third time that Samsung releases the problematic Galaxy Note seven. The business initially released the unit back in August 2016 and it looked off to a good start, but shortly after the release of its, users began reporting that their Galaxy Note 7 caught fire.

Samsung recalled that type in September 2016 and 2 days later, the first Galaxy Note seven with refurbished devices which were claimed to be healthy was replaced by it. It did not take long to be apparent that the refurbished design was a fire hazard as well, as intense as the first design.

With both unique and refurbished Galaxy Note seven devices catching fire, Samsung had no option but in order to discontinue the unit completely. The company pulled all Galaxy Note seven devices off the market place in October 2016, only 2 weeks after the first release, and disabled remaining devices so they would not pose some threats. After a comprehensive investigation, Samsung concluded that the Galaxy Note 7’s explosive temper stemmed from faulty batteries.

Will The Galaxy Note FE Be Safe?

For a third time, after 2 recalls, a long investigation, and the implementation of a brand new battery security test, Samsung is apparently confident enough to release the Galaxy Note seven. Considering what the company has already been through with 2 recalls, the Galaxy Note FE will probably hit the market just in case it is definitely sure that it no longer poses some risks. Samsung’s reputation already took a large blow last year and a new Galaxy Note 7/ FE fiasco would compromise it.

When it sent out refurbished Galaxy Note seven devices after the very first recall, Samsung did not know just what triggered the problems. With a determined cause and 8 months to deal with some issues, the Galaxy Note FE should be safe this time around.

The Galaxy Note FE is actually anticipated to sport mostly the exact same specifications as the first Galaxy Note seven, but with a non-explosive and smaller battery. Besides that, the unit needs to have the very same style, hardware, perks and software program.

The lower price tag might appeal to Galaxy Note fans that discovered the first Galaxy Note seven a little steep for the finances of theirs, though it remains to be seen whether customers will feel confident enough to purchase it after last year’s disaster. Those with deeper pockets, meanwhile, could simply hold out for the Galaxy Note 8 expected to arrive later this season.