New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks Show Glossy Jet Black Finish To Woo Even iPhone Lovers – GalaxyS8plus

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks Show Glossy Jet Black Finish

Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks and rumors are actually piling up and freshly surfaced pictures show a sleek Jet Blackish color alternative which could appear extremely familiar to iPhone fans.

Apple stirred great hype with the Jet of its Blackish iPhone seven and iPhone seven Plus back in September, and the color choice easily proved to be in need that is great. If in the previous Apple would spice things up in terms of design by introducing a facelift with each iPhone iteration, in recent years it settled for the same general style and pulled some other tricks to keep things interesting.

With the iPhone seven series, for example, Apple improved the quantity of internal storage, packed a dual rear camera setup onto the bigger design, as well as introduced brand new color options. The Jet Blackish avatar was the most common, wearing a mirror like shiny finish which included a far more stylish touch.

Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy

Samsung did not take long to go down the exact same path and in December 2016, it introduced the Galaxy S7 advantage in a shiny blackish avatar known as Blackish Pearl.

While Samsung previously released a slew of dark phones, it never provided a glossy blackish choice until after Apple launched the Jet of its Blackish iPhone seven and iPhone seven Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Jet Black Leaks

It now looks like the shiny blackish Galaxy S7 edge was successful enough to warrant a brand new iteration and Samsung is seemingly prepared to add the exact same glossy avatar to the upcoming Galaxy S8 series.

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will finally debut later on this month and newly leaked pictures today show a sleek Jet Blackish (or maybe Blackish Pearl) color option.

The pictures surfaced on Weibo (via SlashLeaks) as well as allegedly show a Galaxy S8 mockup in the trendy glossy blackish avatar. Third parties often use leaked schematics to think of to scale dummy units (mockups) of upcoming Apple and Samsung smartphones. Such devices are made using authentic materials and although they are not the real device, they are usually very close to the genuine article.

If this proves to be correct in this particular situation, the upcoming glossy blackish Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to look rather stunning, albeit it’ll also be a fingerprint magnet due to the mirror like finish.

Nevertheless, the color alternative might be another selling point for the Galaxy S8 flagship and additional heating up the already fierce competition between Apple and Samsung.

Other Samsung Galaxy S8 Color Options

Other rumors Samsung Galaxy S8 the color choices normally include Whitish, Gold, Blackish, Orchid Gray and Violet, with availability possibly varying by market.

With an official unveiling set for later on that month on March twenty nine, the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are actually anticipated to go on sale sometime in April. It remains to be seen which of the rumored color solutions will really be in the blend, but the leaks are actually painting an exciting photo.

As always with rumors and also leaks, nonetheless, it is better to use almost everything with a grain of salt until the formal unveiling.

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