Mophie’s New Charge Stream Pad+ Brings Fast Wireless Charging To iPhones And Samsung Phones

Mophie has announced the new Charge Stream Pad+. It is the accessory maker’s 10W wireless charger created for Samsung and Apple devices, from the iPhone X on the Galaxy S9.  (Mophie)

Mophie is shooting the wraps off its latest wireless charger Charge Stream Pad+ for iPhones and also Samsung smartphones.

It seems virtually the same to its so called predecessor, the Wireless Charging Base. Nevertheless, under the hood is exactly where it is taking things to a higher level, as they say.

Mophie’s Upgraded Wireless Charger

The Charge Stream Pad+ is a Qi based charger, the same as the Wireless Charging Base. The distinction is it is able to send as much as 10W, instead of the earlier model’s 7.5W offering. In addition to that, it relies on a regular USB to microUSB connector, rather than a proprietary cable.

“The mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is our first product that delivers optimal high-speed wireless charging to both Apple and Samsung Qi-enabled smartphones to make charging as effortless as possible. As smartphone capabilities continue to evolve, we believe charging should too. With the Charge Stream Pad+, there’s never a need to fumble with a charging cable again,” Charlie Quong, vice president of product development for Mophie, says.

What This Means For iPhone, Samsung Phone Users

In order to set things straight, Apple initially implemented wireless charging with the iPhone eight, iPhone eight Plus, and iPhone X. These 3 products are able to get wireless charging of simply 7.5W. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S9 supports 9W of wireless charging. Put simply, the Charge Stream Pad+ is able to charge the Galaxy S9 faster than virtually any of Apple’s iPhones.

The point is, iPhone users will not profit considerably from picking out the updated version over the sooner Wireless Charging Base, that had been fashioned with them in mind. That is because 7.5W is all they are needing.

The Charge Stream Pad+ is currently offered on Mophie’s site, and also it will set customers back by $59.95. That is ten dolars more than the Wireless Charging Base’s $49.95 price tag – more reason behind iPhone owners to stay with the earlier model.

It is well worth bringing up that Apple might improve the charging limit of its gadgets. For example, the iPhone eight, iPhone eight Plus, and iPhone X began with 5W of wireless charging, but the Cupertino brand gave it just a little bump to 7.5W via iOS 11.2. Put in a different way, if the business drives the wattage further to, 9W, say, then the brand new Charge Stream Pad+ is going to be a great purchase for iPhone users.

To get a better look at what Mophie has in store this time around, hit up the video below:

mophie Charge Force Wireless Charge Pad - Qi Wireless Charging... & Free shipping
$14.20 $39.95
17 new from $14.01
Used - $9.35
mophie - Wireless Charge Pad - Apple Optimized - 7.5W... & Free shipping
$47.25 $59.99
18 new from $39.67
Used - $24.44



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