Galaxy S9 Not Likely To Be Launched At CES 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Seems Unlikely to be Unveiled at CES 2018

It is official: Samsung has stated the Galaxy S9 appearing at CES 2018 is “unlikely.” Meaning fans must hold out somewhat much longer to watch the upcoming Galaxy flagship.

The term in the community is the fact that the very deeply anticipated Galaxy S9 will be disclosed in January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, but in fact, this might not be the situation at all.

Coming directly from the horse’s mouth, Samsung states it is “unlikely” that the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled like previously rumored.

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Galaxy S9 Is A No-Show

Speaking with the Korea Herald, the South Korean brand cleared up the rumors that say it’s going to reveal the Galaxy S9 at CES 2018.

This comes hot on the heels of thoughts that claim Samsung will show off the expected Galaxy flagship at the big event to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone X.

When Will The Galaxy S9 be Released?

In line with the company’s release history, what is more, expected by us is the fact that it will have the veil off of the Galaxy S9, possibly in February at the Mobile World Congress 2018 or perhaps even March at its launch event.

As proof to that, the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S7 were all discovered at the MWC, while the Galaxy S8 was unveiled at Samsung’s own event in New York, USA.

That is also what industry watchers believe, based on the Korea Herald.

For the shoot, the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S8 rolled out in April, and the Galaxy S7 released in March. That infers the Galaxy S9 might hit the shelves during among those weeks in 2018, but that is only mere guesswork only at the present time.

Nowadays it is really worth bringing up that in case the smartphone developer does choose to opt for a February event, then the Galaxy S9’s unveiling day would be on the 25th of February, due to MWC kicking off on the following day and Samsung generally unwraps its new phones a day before.

Galaxy S9 Speculation

Rumors state that the Galaxy S9 won’t be a striking update from the Galaxy S8 which it will sport a similar style and also offer about exactly the same specs.

Naturally, improvements here and there are anticipated, incorporating a Snapdragon 845 or maybe an Exynos 9810 underneath the hood. In addition, it is believed to have a 90% screen-to-body ratio, quite a huge hike from the Galaxy S8 Plus‘ 84% Screen to Body Ratio.

On an intriguing note, the Galaxy S9’s display supposedly measures at 5.8 in, while the display on the Galaxy S9 Plus at 6.2 inches. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S9 Mini variant is believed to be on the cards, presenting a likely a screen size under 5 inches. Which will please those who haven’t fallen in love with phablet generation of mobiles.

The Galaxy S9 can also be speculated to boast an under display fingerprint scanner, a feature which was meant to be on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 until Samsung ran into several problems in its development. From the appearance of items, they will not be solved in time just for the brand new Galaxy flagship too.

“It is highly unlikely for Galaxy S9 to have an in-display fingerprint scanner as the technical challenges are still left unaddressed,” a “source familiar with the matter” told the Korea Herald.

Having said that, Samsung is focusing on a brand new security measure: palm scanning. Nevertheless, because it seems to still be in its first stages of development, it will not be a headlining feature in the near future.

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