Galaxy S8 Plus Succeeds in Beating All but One Flagship Handset in Battery Life Benchmarks

Galaxy S8 Plus Succeeds in Beating All but One Flagship Handset in Battery Life Benchmarks

Positive So Far For The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Early indications indicate that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus is an incredible smartphone. Its 6.2-inch OLED screen has as expected been praised all over. DisplayMate called it the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display ever tested. But does its superiority come in exchange for a short battery life? This appears not to be the case.

Phone Arena has been testing the Galaxy S8 Plus against other top mobiles. It found that Samsung’s handset came second on the overall list of premium smartphones on the market, beating many of the other larger handsets. However still lagging behind the iPhone 7 Plus which lasted an astonishing 9hrs 5mins. All phones were tested with the screen brightness at 200 nits. The Exynos 8895 version of the Galaxy S8 Plus is used, with the resolution set to 1080 x 2220.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus achieved 8 hours of battery life, putting it ahead of its S series forerunner – the S7 Edge – by 42 minutes. The new handset pushes the iPhone 7, which has a 1960 mAh battery, into third place, beating it by 14 minutes.

Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Test Results

Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Test














Apples iPhone 7 Plus Still Ahead in Battery Life

Apple still boasts top spot for the longest battery life. Lasting 9 hours and 5 minutes, the iPhone 7 Plus defeats the Galaxy S8 Plus by a considerable margin, although it should be noted that the iPhone does have the smaller display. Nevertheless, Samsung’s smartphone, boasts a 3,500 mAh battery, and is ahead of competitors including Google’s Pixel and the Huawei P10.

One area where the Galaxy S8 Plus is superior to many of its rivals is charging time. With Samsung’s Fast Adaptive Charging support, the Galaxy S8+ fully recharges in 99 minutes from 0-100%.  This is twice as fast as the 197 minutes the iPhone 7 Plus takes to reach full capacity.

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test


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