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Tired of carrying both a wallet along with your Galaxy S9? Precisely why not obtain a Galaxy S9 wallet case which can do both things at one time?

You will find the 2 things which are important that I need anytime I go out of the house: my wallet and my Samsung Galaxy S9. Though I must admit I hate carrying anything with me in general. Thankfully, I have found smartphone cases which double as wallets to relieve this terrible burden.

Ideally, our Galaxy S9 will double as my Wallet — plus more particularly the items were taken within my wallet — hopefully soon to become unnecessary. But as of yet, there is simply no electronic replacement for my driver’s license or even effective virtual payment process (Even Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin) or except perhaps my debit card. And making little tips to an automobile valet via Square? Forget about it.

I nonetheless need a thing to keep my ID, Credit Cards, and also a bit of money, so each Speck and OtterBox have superb products which have allowed me to give up my wallet and let my Galaxy S9 wallet case have it all.

I have had regular Galaxy S9 cases from these companies before — and also fresh cases which, when I have inevitably dropped my previous phones — have served to defend them effectively. But toward the tail end of the year, I swapped these standard cases out for a wallet case and I have not gone back. Appreciating the convenience of carrying only my Galaxy S9 Smartphone and previous phones.