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The Battery Life of Samsungs Galaxy series has grown considerably during the last several years, though it is still easy to end up looking at a depleted battery power by the tail end of the day. Lengthen time between charges with the right battery case for your Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Cases are Underrated

There is a much-running complaint among a not-so-small number of iPhone users which goes something like: “I do not love a slimmer Galaxy S9, I would like increased Battery Life!” Now, in fairness, the Samsung Galaxy series battery life has grown over the years although the point still stands: if they made larger Galaxy S9 Phones, they can have both better batteries and thus last longer throughout the day.

Galaxy S9 battery cases enable you to choose more battery life or a thinner phone! Would you like a skinny Galaxy S9? Do not get a Battery Case. Would like a fatter phone with multi-day battery life? Slap a Samsung Galaxy S9 battery case onto your phone.

Regardless of your battery killing problem skipping between cell phone towers on the commuter train, playing graphics intensive video games on flights or using your unlimited talk time. A good battery case is able to fix it by pumping auxiliary juice into your Galaxy S9’s Battery. Actually, with the correct battery case, you are able to expand the already excellent Galaxy S9 battery life nearly threefold.  With a battery life that good, you will certainly not have to make eye contact with someone else on your daily commute again.

Not all Galaxy S9 battery cases are created equal, nonetheless, so we need to check out the aspects you will wish to look at when shopping for your Galaxy S9 Battery Case.

The best way to Choose the Right Galaxy S9 Battery Case

If you choose the typical phone case, you can make all kinds of trade-offs. When you would like to sustain the appearance of your Galaxy S9, then you are stuck employing very thin cases that offer much less protection. In case you would like to safeguard your Galaxy S9 against a tough fall over a ceramic tile flooring, or maybe a plunge into a swimming pool, you are stuck slapping a bulky case on it.

Selecting a battery case for your Samsung Galaxy S9 is precisely the same: you will generate trade-offs depending on the functions which are probably the most critical to you. Let us run through battery case specific attributes you will wish to weigh up when making your case purchase.

More Milliamps Means More Playtime

For starters, a word on terminology. Mobile battery power is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). For a frame of reference, the Galaxy S9 features a battery capacity of 3000mAh, and the Galaxy S9 Plus has a somewhat better capacity of 3500 mAh. When looking for a Galaxy S9 battery case you would like to continue with all those values in mind as they offer you an approximate guideline of just how much a battery pack will extend the lifespan of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

In case, for instance, in an ordinary morning you receive approximately 11 hours of use from your Galaxy S9 (this total may vary significantly between folks), subsequently, it’s safe to believe that a ~3,000 mAh battery case will nearly double your use time to 22 hours. Whatever percent increase the mAh capability is, the battery case can easily be assumed to function as the common percent increase you will find in your Galaxy S9’s battery life.

Capacity Comes at a (Bulk) Cost

Despite advances in battery technology, batteries have heft, and higher capacity batteries are much heftier. The greater number of mAh a battery case has, the bulkier it will be. As a basic rule of thumb, you need to think that a battery case is going to increase the common weight and volume of your Galaxy S9 by 100-200 %.

It may simply be in millimetres, but there is a large range of Galaxy S9 Battery case depths.
This looks like a big boost when written out as a % value, but in practice, it is actually not which big of a deal especially if you are those types of people who are not a great fan of just how skinny the Samsung Galaxy S9 is now. Having said that, in case you want to choose a battery case with a slender profile, be well prepared to spend much more (and find a diminished power boost).

Charging Methods and also Data Syncing can be Deal Breakers

Most Galaxy S9 battery packs in the marketplace charge via a micro USB cable. For a great deal of Galaxy S9 owners (who no longer use the micro USB and prefer the newer and faster USB-C), this’s an annoyance at best, yet could be a deal breaker for some.

You will also have to consider pass-through charging. Cheaper battery cases do not provide pass-through charging, so to charge your Galaxy S9 every night, you’ve to have the case switched off. Better cases offer pass-through charging, charging the Galaxy S9 first, followed by the Galaxy S9 battery pack.

Although this’s much less important to many men and women these days (as the acceptance of cloud-based solutions) the last cable related concern is if the case supports data pass through. Once again, higher end cases are going to support it so you are able to both charge and sync your Galaxy S9 with the port but cheaper cases will not.


When deciding on the type of Galaxy S9 Battery Case you wish to purchase, these are the factors to look at. Balance out your requirements between charger case size, charging methods, design and durability. More expensive ones will enable you to have a slimmer and more protective case while providing pass-through charging and more battery power. The costs can vary significantly however between regular and premium Galaxy S9 Cases.