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Get The Very Best Smart Watches for the Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S9

Most Smart Watches are Compatible with the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9 Series, but to really unlock both your smart phone and wearables they need to work well in conjunction with each other. On this page you will find compatible devices, that will function fully with your Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S9.

A little bit more on Smart Watches for the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9 Series

A Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9 smartwatch is a lightweight device that is meant to be used on the wrist, the same as a regular watch. Smartwatches, support apps, have touchscreens, like the Galaxy S8, however, and usually record the heart rate along with other important data.

The Samsung Gear S3, in addition to a selection of other Android Wear models and Apple iWatch, have increasingly experienced more customers seeing the value of having access to their Galaxy S9 Plus via a digital display on their wrist. All things considered, people have been sporting watches for centuries, therefore it will make perfect sense to bundle the newest mobile technology into this handy form factor.

Whether you are a newcomer to smartwatches or even wanting to search for the best device for your Galaxy S8 Plus, this particular introduction must provide you with a great awareness of this emerging wearable category.

Brief History of the Galaxy S9 Smartwatch

While electronic watches have existed for years, tech companies just lately started releasing watches with smartphone like abilities.

Apple, Samsung, Sony along with other major players have smartwatches on the market, though it is really a tiny startup called Pebble which deserves recognition for popularizing the modern day smartwatch. When Pebble announced its very first smartwatch in 2013, it raised a record amount of funding on Kickstarter and also proceeded to offer even more than one million units.

What Do Smartwatches for the Galaxy S9 Plus Do?

It is essential to evaluate the needs of yours, aesthetic taste and budget when selecting a smartwatch, but at the minimum, a smartwatch should display notifications and messages from your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9.

Beyond that, let’s take a look at the following capabilities in a Galaxy S9 smartwatch:

Apps: Beyond displaying notifications from the cell phone of yours, a smartwatch is just as well as the apps it supports. Fortunately, both Apple-powered and Google watches are going to give you plenty of options. For instance, the Apple Watch is going to launch with an Uber app, allowing you to hail a cab from the wrist of yours, together with airline apps that will allow your watch to act as a digital boarding pass.

Great battery life: A smartwatch is designed to make life better, therefore you should not have to recharge it constantly. Search for a unit with long enough battery life being you through more than 1 day. Several designs, like the Pebble Steel, lasts for a few days, though the downside is a white and black (rather compared to colour) display.

Answer messages by voice: Things get truly great when you have got the capacity to reply to messages without taking your Galaxy series phone from your pocket. Google’s Android Wear operating system, that you will come across working on smartwatches from LG, many others and Motorola, allows users to reply to texts by voice.

Fitness tracking: If you are a hardcore athlete, a committed fitness band is very likely a good option rather than a standard Samsung Galaxy S8 smartwatch. Nevertheless, most smartwatches add a heart rate monitor along with a pedometer to help you monitor the workouts of yours.

What is Next for Smartwatches

Smartwatches are slowly but surely getting more and more mainstream in society. While the acceptance of the Apple Watch is assisting the group to grow, therefore are improvements and design tweaks that make smartwatches perform far more seamlessly with a user’s smartphone.

Companies such as Samsung confront a different challenge in getting smartwatches to the mainstream compared with Smart Phones: design.

Many people will not slap just anything on their wrist, therefore it is crucial that these wearables appear stylish in addition to offering innovative functionality. The LG G Watch Urbane, Motorola Moto 360, Pebble Steel and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier are examples of smartwatches with classier-than-average looks, and also you need to count on many more elaborate types over the next several years.

While several smartwatches, like the Samsung Gear S3, will cost you more than $300 USD, good-looking options will progressively be readily available at much lower price points, as the technology advances.