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Which Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

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One of two things almost all smartphone owners should look to purchase when possessing a phone is a Screen Protector. It plays an important role in keeping your expensive, Galaxy S8 Plus Phone more protected against general wear and tear of the screens surface. Having one installed will prevent most scratches from forming, while helping protect your screen from direct impacts. The Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector should be a must buy insurance item for your S8 Plus. It costs a fraction of the phones price. We can see already the range in price from under $1 and upwards of $10. As usual the price will often depend on the quality of the item.

Is it Worth buying a more expensive Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector?

A higher quality Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector is worth considering with it offering superior clarity. While also reducing the loss in the screens responsiveness and provides superior protection over a lower quality S8 Plus Screen Protector. Following on from what we know of the Edge display and its Screen Protectors, the cost to buy will likely be higher than other phone designs. Furthermore, a lower cost Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector is going to have more issues remaining on the phone.