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Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 Series

Looking to play Music in the Garden, Host Parties or even take the party wherever you go? Check out these Portable Bluetooth Speakers which will work perfectly with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

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Size & form factor of Bluetooth Speakers for the Samsung Galaxy Series

The largest signal of the quality of sound (and price!) may be the actual physical dimensions of the speaker. Clever techniques and build quality notwithstanding, most speakers fall back on pushing air around, and also the more room they have inside to do this, the simpler it is for the device to produce undistorted, loud, and rich sound.

Naturally, there is, in addition, a tradeoff here; the larger the speaker of yours, the less lightweight it is going to be (though features like handles as well as loops are able to boost things).

Speakers bigger compared to a brick often cost you a minimum of $100; speakers around the dimensions of the brick are around $50, and also for pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers, you are able to look to spend around $30. Nevertheless, some other aspects such as brand, additional features and its design are able to drive this particular number in place and down.

Uni-directional and Omni-directional

You will find 2 leading shapes you will find Bluetooth speakers in wide bricks along with Tall cylinder styled portable Bluetooth speakers. Cylindrical speakers generally are inclined to have several drivers facing in various directions; they are meant being positioned in the centre of an area to seal it efficiently. Bricks, on another hand, generally have all (or at least most) of the drivers facing in one direction, therefore they are meant being positioned off to just one focal point providing great sound in just a single direction.

When you are selecting a Portable Bluetooth Speaker for your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9, it helps you to consider whether you will be mainly using it to enjoy music in a team and to listen to music on your own. For solo listening, brick style speakers make more sense, whereas cylindrical speakers are much better for the team situations.

aptX, aptX HD & aptX LL

As always in tech, you will find multiple technical standards at play behind the scenes. The typical Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth speaker links to your phone with a codec known as SBC, but several speakers support a higher quality codec called aptX. Both your smartphone such as the Galaxy S8 Plus & Galaxy S9 Plus in addition to your speaker are very important factors in the ability for it to do the job, though it is able to provide (debatably) much better sound quality and reduced latency.

Needless to say, it does not stop there-there is also aptX HD, which offers’ high resolution’ audio transmissions, and also aptX LL, that is a unique low latency variant which cuts down on the delay between your phone transmitting a sound as well as your speaker producing it. (This is excellent for something with both an audio & video component, like seeing a video clip or even playing a game, making sure the products is in sync.)

Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Speaker Connections

Inputs and outputs are the areas well worth checking before you hit that’ Add to cart’ button. Many Bluetooth speakers are able to hook up to the phone of yours, PC or maybe tablet via Bluetooth; that a lot is in the title.

Nevertheless, you may also find it helpful to have an immediate 3.5mm input, enabling you to choose a higher quality audio link which also works with non-Bluetooth devices. Much more rarely, you are able to get speakers which have their very own Micro SD card slots, allowing you to participate in music without getting a smartphone attached at all.

Some Bluetooth speakers will additionally have NFC made in, enabling you to pair with NFC compatible devices (e.g. high-end Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S9) simply by tapping the 2 devices together. It is really useful for staying away from that annoying pairing process.

Galaxy S8 Plus Bluetooth Speaker Style & durability

Another sliding scale to understand is that of durability and design. In general, the more armour and water resistance you put to a speaker, the less fashionable it seems (though you will find happy exceptions). in case you are likely to be utilizing your speaker outdoors then a tough design with IP68 or maybe IP68 water resistance is a good option, whereas if you are likely to be utilizing it exclusively indoors then you might as well pick the best-looking one you are able to which also fits the different needs of yours.

Additionally, there are Bluetooth shower speakers, designed to stick to flat surfaces and provide waterproofing of the Bluetooth Speaker for the Galaxy S8, and they are fantastic in the niche market of theirs. Finally, clever companies have turned virtually every object possible right into a Bluetooth speaker; you are able to get all sorts, helmets, LED cubes, and spaceships of other exciting shapes in case you wish.

Galaxy S9 Bluetooth Speaker Battery life

The Bluetooth Speakers battery life is often correlated with speaker size; the larger the speaker, the more room it is able to commit to a battery pack without sacrificing on sound. This’s one particular subject which budget manufacturers oftentimes skimp on, therefore make sure you check out the rated battery life before purchasing. I actually would not go for any Bluetooth speaker that provides under 4 hours of playback, though the mileage of yours may vary.

Extra features of Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth Speakers

There are many additional features that you may wish to look for concerning Bluetooth speakers for the Samsung Galaxy Series. Most likely the foremost is a built-in microphone, which enables you to have phone calls on the speaker — pretty darn useful.

Bluetooth speakers with bigger batteries might add a USB port, enabling you to recharge the phone of yours on the go. Flashlights are a favourite inclusion to rugged Bluetooth speakers for Galaxy S9, and also you are able to also obtain Bluetooth lanterns which are good for camping and also evening barbeques.

Combination Bluetooth speakers are one more fun trend; the concept is the fact that you are able to buy several speakers, pair them up, plus have all of them create sound in sync.