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Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 Series

Looking to listen to Music on the go, without the hassle of wires and excellent sound quality? Check out these Bluetooth Headphones which will work perfectly with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in addition to later models such as the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 series.

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Why Buy Bluetooth Headsets for the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9?

Naturally, part of the benefit of smartphones is that a great deal of is usually achieved with no wires. A Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth headset is probably the most famous wireless option, and they are well worth examining in depth.
When 2 Bluetooth devices pair, e.g. a Galaxy S8 Bluetooth headset and a smartphone or Bluetooth headset, they negotiate what audio codec to use based on the A2DP standard.

By default, Bluetooth runs on the compression standard called SBC, or maybe Low Complexity Sub Band Coding. Music is compressed using SBC, transmitted, then decoded by your Galaxy S9 Bluetooth headset. But there are several levels of SBC which utilize different bitrates, and probably the highest level that both support can be used.

This compression is carried out additionally to whatever compression you are using because of the music itself, e.g. Mp3 format, so you might find that audio sent via Bluetooth seems even worse than more than a wired connection.

The solution to this’s aptX, which has a unique compression algorithm than SBC. The makers of the regular case it provides much better quality streaming, and anecdotal evidence suggests that this’s (at minimum seen to be) real. In order to use aptX, both Bluetooth products have to help support the standard format, plus certain smartphones don’t (including the iPhone).

A2DP additionally supports streaming using AAC and also MP3, amongst other codecs, again assuming that each side supports this. In training, AAC (and particularly) MP3 appear to be employed infrequently by Bluetooth devices, with SBC and also aptX becoming the most typical requirements being used.

In case this sounds confusing, it’s. There is little transparency here; it is difficult to discover what codec has been used for any connection. This’s made doubly hard by the simple fact that the codec being utilized could change, even between similar 2 products, dependent on other factors and signal strength.

In general, probably the best advice we are able to offer is you need to ensure that your Phone (Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9 Series do support this), as well as your Galaxy S8 Plus headset, support the Bluetooth codec you would like to utilize, and from there simply hope for the greatest. No matter of what codec is utilized, a wired option as 3.5mm, USB-C or Lightning can provide much better success in case you are searching for audiophile quality sound – even if wireless earbuds offer tantalising convenience.