COGITO Classic Smart Bluetooth Connected Watch for Smartphones

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Specification: COGITO Classic Smart Bluetooth Connected Watch for Smartphones


2 reviews for COGITO Classic Smart Bluetooth Connected Watch for Smartphones


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  1. Review-A-Holic

    I’m not too sure how people can complain so fast about a product without THOROUGHLY TESTING it through 3-5 charge cycles to condition the battery. I own 6 Android Wear watches and I can tell you with certainty that an Android Wear 2.0 watch at THIS price (with GPS) is a steal!! The watch feels nice and lightweight, probably the lightest android wear watch that I own so far. I purchased this watch solely for exercise and gym use and so far it works great! Android Wear 2.0 is a major upgrade from the previous version, you can make calls, listen to music and operate applications WITHOUT using your cell phone. Here are some highlights of the watch belowPROS+ Very lightweight, perfect for exercising (GPS is fairly accurate for jogging)!+It has a speaker for making phone calls (Voice quality is decent)+ Battery life is on par with most of my android wear devices (I charge once every 2 days)+Screen looks great, much smoother to navigate than my Zenwatch 3+ You can store music on your watch, pair headsets with the watch and leave your phone at home+ I’m a fan of the pre-set watch faces but you can use Watchmaker or Facer to get way more faces.Room for Improvement?- At this price point it’s really hard for me to find faults. Don’t pay attention to people who want $400 watch features on a $150 watch- The heart-rate sensor takes a couple of times to get a reading on me, not sure if it’s my pigment or sweat.Overall, I am very satisfied with this device. I assumed for the price it was too good to be true with GPS, Speaker, heart rate and the ability to make calls. So far its LEGIT!TIPS:- To get the best/normal battery life, make sure you charge this device to 100% and use it at LEAST 3-4 charge cycles and you will notice a difference.- Make sure you scroll to settings, system, system update to update the software…FIRST.- To ditch your phone for a job, open the play store on the watch, install the play music app, create a playlist or album through the play music app on the phone or pc then hold your finger on that album or playlist (on the watch) to download it to your device. To connect your bluetooth headset, go to settings, connectivity, bluetooth, then available devices and you should be able to pair your headset.

  2. Scheid

    I have split my review into easy paragraphs. Simply go to the category you want to know about instead of reading a giant essay. Here is what I’ll be talking about:PackagingLook & FeelScreenBatteryUsageActivityOther thoughtsPackaging:The watch came in a metal box with a fun colorful camo design. You can refer to my images. Everything was packed neatly and I did not look cheap. Watch had a plastic cover on the face of it to protect it which should be removed.Look & Feel:Taking the watch out my first thought was the watch band was cheap. It is a matte silicone band. However, after taking it on and off every night I have grown to like it. It is comfy and I don’t think it will wear out as quickly as I originally thought. It is also replaceable which is a plus! The watch itself is the same color and is a dark grey not quite black. The watch isn’t as soft to the touch but I like it. There is a button on the left side. I do like using the button to move around. However, the button is stiff and not as clicky as I’d like, far from a deal breaker but just be aware.Screen:The screen is oled which means black pixels turn off. This saving power. So you could possibly extend your battery life by using a watch face with lots of black on it. Regardless it looks great. Since this is an android wear watch there are hundreds of possible thousands of watch faces. Many of which are customizable on top of that. (TIP) to customize the watch face swipe to the left or right. Scroll to the face you want and before you apply it look below and you will see a gear icon. There you can customize the watch face. Or hold down on the face you have chosen to start customizing. My favorite app with lots of cool watch faces is Ustwo.Battery:I know lots of people complain about the battery. This is a smartwatch and will not go more than 2 days. If you are new to the watch and have the screen on a lot and are messing around with it a bunch then it will die quicker. But as you get used to it you probably won’t be on it so much. I turned off ambient display in the settings which added 4+ hours of battery life. The ambient display is where when the screen is completely black but always shows the time. I made it so the screen turns on when I flick my wrist with the gesture settings. My first android wear watch (Moto 360) lasted 1 day barely. This is much better. The charging cable is magnetic and snaps on easily and charges very quickly.Usage:I got my first smartwatch in 2014 mainly because I didn’t notice when someone was texting/calling me. Now I rarely miss a notification. I notice this watch is much better than my Moto. The battery lasts longs, it has wear 2.0, and I get notifications even when far away from my phone. While I haven’t tested the exact distance I left my phone in my bedroom and walking into the basement and still got a notification. It is important to know Ticwatch does not make the software on the phone. They can optimize it, but Google makes the software. To learn how to use it go to YouTube and search: “How to use Android Wear 2.0”.Activity:While I haven’t tested this thing much when it comes to sports I can say a few things. It picks up my heartbeat amazingly well. I don’t even have to tighten it on my wrist that much for heart rate. The steps seem to work just fine. Further testing will be required. I am going on a camping trip this weekend so I will update this review when I’m back. The watch is IP67. IP rating determines how tough it is. The first number (6) determines how resistant it is to dust. 6 means it is fully dust tight. The second number (7) is water resistance. 7 means it can be submerged under water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.Other Thoughts:This isn’t some cheap Chinese company the scams you. While it is a Chinese company it is also a startup. They created a non-android wear watch which was very successful. So these guys have experience. I wish it has NFC but for $130 this is a killer deal. My Moto Watch was $200 when released and I paid $150 for it. This is twice as good and still cheaper. I have very small and thin wrists and was worried this would look odd on my arm. I don’t even notice it. No one has said anything either. I love using this for music whether it’s to control my phone or connect straight to a Bluetooth speaker/headset and play music from there. I have Google Play Music and with their subscription, I can download music onto my watch and then play that to my headphones. So on runs, I don’t need to take my phone. It’s perfect!Did you like how I did my review? Find it helpful? Check the mark below to list it as helpful!

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