BlackBerry sues Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for mobile messaging patent infringement

BlackBerry on Tuesday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook plus 2 of its greatest subsidiaries, Whatsapp and Instagram. The suit, initially shared by Reuters, claims Facebook developed competing applications that improperly work with BlackBerry’s mobile messaging patents.

BlackBerry spokesperson Sarah McKinney told Reuters they have got a powerful case that Facebook has infringed on the intellectual property of theirs and after many years of dialogue, they likewise have an obligation to shareholders to obtain right legal remedies.

Facebook is definitely the world’s biggest social network with over 2 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp is not far behind with an estimated 1.5 billion monthly active users and Instagram enjoys north of 800 zillion month-to-month actives. Facebook bought Instagram for one billion in April 2012 before scooping up WhatsApp for nineteen dollars billion somewhat less than 2 years later on.

BlackBerry used to be a leader in the cell phone industry but have a little too at ease with its place atop the perch. As companies as Apple, Samsung and Google established the modern day smartphone revolution in movement, BlackBerry sat by idly – a move which eventually proved to be its downfall.

Complicating matters was BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), a proprietary mobile messaging app launched in 2006 which successfully served as a substitute to conventional SMS / MMS messaging channels. This was crucial as the wireless market at the moment was transitioning from metered voice minutes to a limited number of texts each month. BBM had a large part in every one of this and later on helped drive the discussion on the information allotments which govern today’s mobile usage.

BBM inevitably involved Android along with iOS in the summer season of 2013 but by that time, standalone chat apps had been already exploding in popularity.

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