Best 4K TVs 2017: Samsung KS9000, Sony X930D, And Insignia NS-55DR710NA17 : Galaxy S8 Plus News

Best 4K TVs 2017: Samsung KS9000, Sony X930D, And Insignia NS-55DR710NA17 : Galaxy S8 Plus News

There comes a time in every TV’s life when it reaches its end, but sometimes, they’re just being traded in for an upgrade even if they still have a couple of years at best. Regardless of the circumstances, things happen, and they must be replaced.

It’s not that easy to find the right one that can stand in for the old TV, though, and that’s because the market is riddled with numerous choices — at times, they seem to be too many, in fact.

Some factors that make picking one out grueling include varying prices that go from $500 to north of $3,000, the option to go for a smart or “dumb” one, and questions that range from “can it offer a good viewing experience in bright rooms” to “can it handle video games well.”

However, in this day and age, 4K TVs are starting to become the norm, and to keep up with the modernization where gaming consoles and streaming services are adapting to the technology, it’s as good a time as any to grab one. If anything, that’s one less thing to consider.

Insignia NS-55DR710NA17: $429

(Photo : Insignia)

Don’t be quick to pooh-pooh Insignia if the name doesn’t sound familiar. It’s a line of TVs that mixes functionality and cost effectiveness, and to be exact, what makes it stand out in the competition is the $429 NS-55DR710NA17 4K TV.

The TV is LED, and it should be bright enough in almost any lighting conditions. It measures at 55 inches and features built-in Roku, so streaming from the likes of YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and whatnot is no problem at all, not to mention that you can use your smartphone as a remote control and use voice search to look for content via the Roku mobile app.

Of course, it doesn’t really blow competitors out of the water, particularly in picture quality, but at an affordable price with Roku features, it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Sony X930D: $1,499.99

(Photo : Sony)

The Sony X930D is just one of those 4K TVs that can deliver fantastic picture quality with great color and deep black levels.

The base model measures at 55 inches and offers something called Slim Backlight Drive, an improved edge-lit local dimming technology, which basically consists of two light guide plates and two rows of LEDs placed on each side of the TV.

Speaking of “slim,” its form factor lets it sit practically flush when it’s mounted on a wall and makes it sleek and give off that top-of-the-line vibe.

Also, Android TV is running things behind the scenes, and that means it’s bringing a lot of essential apps to the table.

The X930D costs $1,499.99, and taking that up a notch leaves you with the $2,199.99 65-inch.

Sure, the 940D has a full-array LED backlight, but there’s only one option: the 75-inch model with a $3,999.99 price tag, which will arguably eat away too much at the average consumers’ budgets.

Samsung KS9000: $1,499.99

(Photo : Samsung)

Samsung’s KS9000 is the kind of 4K TV that fits right in with any living room.

It’s an LCD set, but it’s no ordinary one at that. It features Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, combining edge-lit backlighting with, well, quantum dots. Thanks to that, it’s capable of pushing out vibrant colors and notable brightness.

The black levels on it are pretty deep too, almost on par of those on OLED TVs. The best part is, it’s more affordable than most OLED panels since it’s LCD, after all.

Long story short, it delivers a viewing experience that’s comparable with high-end OLED TVs without the cost they typically fetch for.

Regarding the software that makes it smart, Samsung is using its own platform and bundling all its apps in its Smart Hub. It doesn’t offer that many options here, but it can still provide your streaming needs.

The KS9000 starts out at $1,499.99 for the 55-inch model and goes all the way to a whopping $4,999.99 for the 75-inch one.

Also, if curved screens are your thing, then the KS9500 is worth a look, which is more or less the same TV except for the panel’s contour.

Should You Get A 4K TV Now Or Wait?

As mentioned earlier, buying a 4K TV today is completely A-OK. Of course, that wasn’t the case when these sets started rolling out because there was a major lack of content. Now there are Netflix and Amazon to thank for 4K shows and movies and Sony for adding 4K gaming support to the PS4 Pro.

What’s more, 4K TVs are made to upscale HD content too, so they can still improve your viewing experience even if you only have 1080p videos.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad idea to wait either. Perhaps manufacturers can find a way to shave the average price a bit in the foreseeable future, but other than the high costs, there’s little reason left not to buy a 4K TV.

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