Apple Wants To Convince Samsung Galaxy Users To Switch To iPhones In New Ads

Apples Plan To Convert Samsung Galaxy Users To Apple Customers

A new set of ads posted by Apple wants to convince consumers to make the switch to iOS. The videos highlight the advantages of the iPhone and its ease of use among other things.
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As expected, Samsung officially announced and also revealed the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus during the MWC 2018. Shortly after, Apple’s newly posted ads target Android users.

The Cupertino based firm reportedly didn’t have something new showing at the event because it previously launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X last year. Nevertheless, during the world’s biggest gathering for the mobile business. Apple’s staunch rival got the spotlight because of its new flagship models.

As for LG, earlier reports claim that its premium lineup will likely be lacking during the show. Rather, it’ll showcase some designs from its entry-level to midrange catalogue.

Taken By Surprise

When the said ads were introduced, Apple’s approach reportedly surprised market analysts. Some claim that the move is uncharacteristic of the business.

Evidently, this’s the next period advertising materials for the iPhone hinted at a comparison with the competitor’s products. Moreover, the timing appears to be doubtful as its biggest competitor revealed its flagship phones.

Some sources believe that the business might have been compromised by Samsung’s brand new offering. In the past, there have been recorded instances wherein iOS users have been affected to give up the platform in favor of Android smartphones from several models. In order to sum it up, Android manufacturers typically advertise the products of theirs with a comparison to the most recent iPhone model.

Today, appears as Apple followed suit and also took jabs at its competitors to set the advantages of making the switch from Android to iPhone.

Different Aspects, Different Ads

Rather than one clip, Apple made the decision to split its ad campaign into numerous snippets, highlighting iPhone’s benefits over its competitors. The movies might sound familiar to some as the company previously released another set of commercials the previous year. The advantages highlighted by the earlier ads are the supposed ease of use with regards to pictures and music and in regards to security.

The newest lot of videos appear to imply that Android phones aren’t environmentally safe. One suggests that iOS is much more secure compared to Google’s platform, and a much better customer support service. Lastly, it says it’s easy making the switch to iPhone.

Sales Experts Chime In

Apple’s strategy shows that the organization is now hostile in its crusade to encourage Android users to give up Google’s bandwagon.

Nevertheless, knowledgeable sales representatives and retailers recognize the challenges involved. They noted it’s really hard to convince a customer to shift to another platform. Owners prefer to choose to buy a more recent solution which uses a similar operating system.

Seemingly, with the latest news that the iPhone X has a reduced amount of sales number than anticipated, it’s clear why Apple will alter its ad campaign approach to adjust to the marketplace.

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