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Apple iPhone 6s Best-Selling Smartphone Of 2016: How Did Others Fare?

The iPhone 6s might be an outdated warhorse, but that has not stopped the smartphone from turning into consumers’ most popular handset.

Based on a report from the IHS Markit, the Apple smartphone has emerged the best selling handset for 2016.

“In terms of shipments, the iPhone 6s from Apple bested many competitors for product sales in 2016, according to latest analysis from IHS Markit,” noted the report.

The article based the conclusions of its on the study from the IHS Markit Smartphone Shipment Database. This database keeps track of quarterly shipments for more than 350 smartphone models.

On the foundation of shipments, the iPhone 6s routed even sibling iPhone seven in product sales and also took home the top honors.

The Q4 2016 figures, nonetheless, tell an unique story as in this particular phase, the world’s iPhone seven was the best selling smartphone, followed by the iPhone seven Plus.

Why The iPhone 6s Routed Rivals

IHS Markit didn’t divulge the shipment estimates for 2016, though the chart reflects that the iPhone 6s accounted for sixty million shipments.

Based on analysts, the iPhone 6s performed much better compared to the contemporaries of its largely thanks its top end features & specs.

“The iPhone 6s is extremely popular in dozens of countries worldwide, thanks to its appealing hardware design combined with rich characteristics including 4K video, large multi touch display, and fingerprint security,” said Neil Mawston Executive Director at the Strategy Analytics.

How Did Apple Fare?

The best 4 spots in the listing of the most marketed smartphones in 2016 went to Apple courtesy its iPhone 6s, iPhone seven, iPhone seven Plus, and also iPhone 6s Plus. What this means is that Apple quickly maintained to rout rival Samsung, that made it to the best 5 because of its Galaxy S7 edge.

How Did Samsung Perform?

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge wasn’t the sole handset from the business to make it to the list. The company’s Galaxy S7 was the ninth best in the rankings. While Samsung might have been outpaced by Apple, a silver lining for the business is the fact that the 2 smartphones performed much better compared to their predecessors Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6.

The combined and gross shipment of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge was ten million higher than that of the predecessors of its in the same period.

Samsung shipped roughly twenty five million units each of the 2016 styles of the Galaxy J3, Galaxy J7, Galaxy J5, and Galaxy S7.

What About Other OEMs?

The Oppo A53 also made it to the listing of the best selling smartphones for 2016. It was positioned seventh and was the one non Samsung or maybe non Apple unit in the summary. Nevertheless, Huawei, and that is the third largest smartphone developer in the community, didn’t help to make it to the listing.


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